Who is OG Spooq?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

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The name OG Spooq is derived from the interstellar being that is not, in fact, a being at all; but a deity in his own right. He is not of this world. A sentient entity high off “Hooyae,” living by tribe life code. He is the master of “self.” He is … OG Spooq. Originating from Cameroon, currently residing in Saudi Arabia, but hailing from Orlando, Florida; OG Spooq was primarily raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Having recorded his first song at age 14, he’s the best kept secret of the “2-6.” That ends today.

Bars so fire, if you ask him who’s in his top five dead or alive, he’ll say his own name five times while laughing uncontrollably. Inspired by the spooq and only “the spooq,” he does credit some of his influences to Bone Thugs and Harmony. DaVille’s Diary is projected to be released on all major streaming platforms on 03/16. The sequel, Daville Nightz, will soon follow suit; dropping on 05/16. Both albums embody a unique Fayetteville sound and vibes. Shout out to OG Spooq for coming through with the double album release for the culture!

Follow OG Spooq on Instagram @Spooq910 and like his new artist Facebook page coming soon!

You can find some of his most popular songs in his discography here.

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